Meet Our Columnists

Jacob Ausubel

Jacob Ausubel is a sophomore in the College studying Political Science with a tentative minor in Statistics. His interests include climate change, education, and political psychology. Besides being a contributing writer for PPR, he is a member of the Penn Political Union and the Polybian Society.

Nathan Ausubel

Nathan Ausubel is a sophomore in the college majoring in Mathematical Economics. He is a contributing writer for PPR, and he also serves as the liberal caucus chair of the Penn Political Union and as a member of the Polybian Society. Besides his political involvement, Nathan is an active participant in Penn Flutes.

Laura Beck

Laura Beck is a sophomore studying Economics and International Relations in the College. Her areas of interest include refugee and migrant issues, NGO’s and international development, as well as law. She enjoys discussions about philosophy and politics, lifting, binge-watching Game of Thrones, and slaying the patriarchy.

Olivia Blom

Olivia Blom is a sophomore from Portland, Maine studying American politics. She is particularly interested in social justice, polling, and the judiciary. In addition to exploring government, Olivia loves to make music, watch old movies, and spend time in coffee shops.

Red Joseph

In addition to writing about politics, Alfred “Red” Joseph enjoys writing about visual media and poetry. Red has passions for criminal justice, boxing, and William Faulkner.

Madison Lane

Madison is a senior from California majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She is interested in American politics and policy and has written for The Penn Spectrum for three years. She has worked in Washington D.C. with Sen. Barbara Boxer and the EPA. She is a San Francisco Giants fan.

Daniel Leone


Daniel is a senior from Philadelphia studying International Relations and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. His areas of interest and study include U.S. foreign policy, political and military developments in the Middle East, and racism and inequality in the United States. Outside of PPR, Daniel is currently interning at the Project on Middle East Democracy. In his free time, he is usually tweeting his opinions about politics, breaking news, and the Philadelphia 76ers at @dan_leone.

Summer Osborn

Summer is a sophomore in the college studying political science. She spends her time on campus with various Christian fellowships, dancing for Sparks Dance Company, and hanging out with friends.

Cass Phanord


Cass Phanord is a freshman from Miami, Florida in the College studying International Relations and Psychology with a Minor in Education. Cass is interested in pursuing a career in education or politics. Outside of PPR, Cass is involved in the International Affairs Association, Shotokan Karate, and the Stouffer Steering Committee. She also enjoys sketching, singing, and poetry.

Vaios Triantafyllou


Vaios Triantafyllou is a second year master’s student in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with a concentration in energy. Vaios comes from Athens, Greece and aspires to pursue a career in engineering, and later on focusing on policy making in the fields of waste-management, energy, and the environment. Vaios has also served as a columnist for the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Nolan Wein

Nolan Wein is a junior from Philadelphia majoring in both Political Science and Communication. She is interested in the relationship between politics and media and one day aspires to be a political analyst for a major news network. When she is not writing articles for Penn Political Review, she is either taking a walk of Kelly Drive or watching Fox News.

Halis Yaka

Halis Yaka is a Turkish-American from Houston, Texas. He studies Political Science with a Comparative Politics concentration. His interests include political mobilization of ethnic minorities, socio-economic development of the Turkish speaking world, and the global refugee crisis. Halis enjoys subtweeting corrupt Turkish politicians in his free time.

Freya Zhou

Freya Zhou is a Chinese international student from Shenzhen. She is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, potentially majoring in German and sociology. Her interests include Chinese political policies and the Communist ideology. She enjoys playing the Pipa, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and researching Chinese and American film industries.

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