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What to do on Healthcare?

admin December 19, 2009 Soapbox Blog Comments Off on What to do on Healthcare?

by Brian Goldman

David Brooks wrote a very interesting piece in today’s New York Times commenting on the difficulty in deciding how to vote on the current Senate healthcare legislation. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, has signaled that he wants a vote on the bill no later than Christmas, and if he plans on fulfilling that he’s going to have to give Lieberman or Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) a sweet deal to lock down their vote…
The bill needs to add tort reform. I keep saying this, and a lot of others on the right do as well, but you never hear a peep from the left about this because trial lawyers (read: John Edwards) contribute astronomical amounts to the Democratic Party. Tort reform would be a small step, albeit of many, towards controlling the cost of healthcare in this country.

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