Who We Are

First Soapbox cover, 2004.

The Penn Political Review was founded in 2003 as The Soapbox Magazine. Our founding principle is that everyone Penn has something to say about the political and social institutions around him or her. We are not an academic journal, but rather a “soapbox” for members of the Penn community to share their opinions and learn from one another about the diverse viewpoints found on Penn’s campus.

In the fall of 2009, The Soapbox became the Penn Political Review to better reflect our role as the premier political publication on Penn’s campus.

In the fall of 2016, the Penn Political Review subsumed another political blog at Penn, the Penn Spectrum, and became a branch of the Penn Government and Politics Association. This move has enabled PPR to build an even broader audience and strengthen PPR’s connections with Penn’s political community.

In an increasingly polarized political environment, PPR is proud to remain an open, non-partisan forum for reasoned political dialogue. Our publication includes a wide spectrum of student, faculty, and guest opinions from the University of Pennsylvania and beyond.