Medicare for All Would Spell Disaster for All

This is the second part of a two-part series on healthcare. 

If we had a “single payer” healthcare system similar to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan, it would be a disaster. First, there is already $60 billion annually in fraud, waste, abuse, and improper payments, which is 10 percent of Medicare’s total budget. The total beneficiaries covered by Medicare are 55,504,005 people, and there are currently 320 million Americans in the U.S. If we added the rest of America that are not covered by Medicare into the equation, that is a 480% increase, and the current 10 percent of fraud, waste, abuse, and improper payments would also increase along with it to significantly high figures.

Secondly, one major factor is as much as Berniecrats love to tout the magical powers of Medicare for All and how they’d love to force it into the American system, we have to remember that we have a bipartisan legislation to work with. We need to take into consideration representatives that represent America’s bipartisan views. In other words, Republicans would struggle to sell the idea of a Medicare for All plan to their Republican constituents and most of their fellow Republican congressmen because of its socialistic connotation.

The problem is Berniecrats think healthcare is a right. People should stop expecting government to take care of them. The way this government works is much different than the way other governments operate in other countries so a Medicare for All plan at this point is futile. Some might think from our lobbying system to backroom deals, bribes, and blackmail, our U.S. government is the most corrupt.  America is a for-profit nation, and it is inexorably connected to our political system. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden to name a few do not suffer from as much corruption as we have here in the U.S., so handing over our healthcare to a government currently this corrupt will inevitably lead to disaster.

Look what they did with Obamacare by including bailouts for insurance companies. Look what they’ve already done with their surveillance and intelligence capabilities to the privacy of American citizens. Look what they do with our military brothers and sisters in the name of national security, sending them to fight in pointless wars chasing ISIS in a totally contrived war on terror while they carry out their imperialist agenda and usurp other nations’ resources to assert their global, hegemonic superiority over other nations. And we’re going to trust them with our healthcare?

The only answer seems to be self-empowerment where citizens rely less on the “nanny state” federal government to take care of them and more on their own ability to take their own health into their own hands. There are other options to consider such as consumer-based incentives for people to eat healthy by offering higher tax incentives for healthy producers and less tax incentives for unhealthy producers. And by using the difference in tax revenue between the two, an incentive can be offered for consumers to eat healthy. This will also drive the cost of healthy food down. Because when people are incentivized to eat healthy, demand for healthy food will rise, causing more producers to enter the market and prices to go down due to competition.

The only thing we can do is fight back against the very polluters that are harming us. In other words, a good start is to vote with your dollars against unhealthy producers and corporations. Any health expert will tell you proper diet, good nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles will dramatically reduce the risk of preventable disease. People need to stop thinking they have a right to poison their bodies with toxic food and substances and the rest of the nation should pay for their bad decisions like an enabler. The only people that should be taken care of are our elderly, terminally ill, and disabled. Everyone else in between needs to start exercising and eating right and stop allowing these corporations and politicians to dictate the terms of our health.


The objective of any healthcare system should be to improve the overall health of a nation. One such metric to determine the health of a nation is to examine a nation’s disease rates. The mortality rates from disease in the U.S. are staggering. This does not even include the numbers of people who are diagnosed or undiagnosed from preventable diseases. It also does not include the numbers of adults and children who are obese and extremely obese, which bring the totals numbers up in the tens of millions of people who have either died or are suffering with some type of disease.

Universal healthcare is not the savior for our failing healthcare system as part 1 has mentioned. When examining countries that have universal healthcare such as Canada, Denmark, and Japan, it reveals that proper diet, good nutrition, exercise, and healthier lifestyles contribute to better health outcomes, not universal healthcare. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan is not the best model for Americans because the conditions and barriers in the U.S. are much different than in other countries where those conditions were much more conducive for successful implementation. And even then, those other countries do not exhibit positive health results that can be exclusively attributed to their universal healthcare system but rather their laws or lifestyle practices more so.

Regardless, healthcare is not a right. If healthcare were a right, then food, clothing and shelter would be a right also, but they are not. Once your right becomes someone else’s obligation to provide you a medical service at the expense of someone else (taxpayers), then the legitimacy of that “right” has to be challenged. The Constitution guarantees us the right to the pursuit of happiness but not physical comfort.