Guest Post: Tyler Ernst and Faye Cheng

Note: PPR is opening its blog to guest posts from all candidates in the upcoming student government elections, through Friday at close of voting. We encourage candidates to submit an article, of any length, discussing any issue they are concerned with. Please send your submission, along with any photos you would like to appear in the post, to online [dot] ppr [at] gmail [dot] com.

Dear Penn Political Review Readers,

An educated voter is one who understands the issues and the impact of his or her choice.  That is why we are so thankful for this opportunity to communicate with you through this guest post and to tell you about our platform and vision for next year’s UA and for the UA in years to come.

We are Tyler Ernst and Faye Cheng, and we are running to be your UA President and Vice President. Our platform is predicated upon the firm belief that Penn students should have more control over their personal Penn experiences.  This involves giving you tangible resources that meet your needs and empower you in your personal, academic, and community lives.  Some of our project ideas include tech office hours for clubs; increased diverse faculty recruitment and retention; more flexibility in course sector requirements; a Penn Transit system that actually works for your schedule; and applications and websites for off-campus housing, dining, and club activities through PennApps Labs that will have a small, yet extremely concrete impact on your day-to-day life.  We are dedicated to increasing efficiency across campus so that you have more time to spend on the things you truly care about.

We have the experience and the proven track record to ensure that these ideals become a reality: we are asking for a vote of confidence based not off of ideas or promises, but rather legitimate personal and professional experiences that will enable us to continue achieving real results to projects that improve your lives.  Tyler, a junior in the M&T program, is the current Student Life Committee Director of the UA, and Faye, a junior in Wharton, is the current Academic Affairs Committee Director – together, we have brought you Penn inTouch grade notifications, shower stalls in Pottruck, online syllabi, the first Undergraduate Math Advisory Board, increased funding for Greek groups, and the Dining Advisory Board. All of these are impacting Penn students right now, and we want to continue serving your needs throughout the next year.

As the only candidates for UA President and VP that are endorsed by both the PennDems and the Penn College Republicans, we hope to make political issues as well as publications initatives a large focus for next year.  Here are some of the things we have in mind:

  • Ensuring that there is adequate and affordable space to accommodate talks by high-profile political speakers who come to campus at the last minute
  • Advocating for increased resources for political groups by continuing the development of the “P-Fund” that has taken place over the past year
  • Increasing resources for publications groups on campus.  We have been developing creative options with the President’s and the Provost’s offices, and we hope to collaborate with Penn Libraries to provide more of the technological resources necessary to support the growing publications community on campus
  • Fostering political dialogue and openness on campus with a commitment to ensure that all voices are at the table, not just the largest groups
  • Reforming UA Steering in order to maximize collaboration for groups, enabling political organizations to partner with a diverse array of campus organizations

In short, we hope that this is the beginning of a conversation that we can continue throughout the next year.  The importance of tangible goals that we can implement in the here and now is paramount, and we hope you share our dedication to fostering meaningful services that meet your needs.  We appreciate your taking the time to read through some of our platform points and ideas for political and publications groups on campus, and we would like to direct you to our website for more information about our campaign:  Please feel free to e-mail us with any ideas, questions, or concerns at, because your thoughts truly matter to us: Tyler and Faye: Have it YOUR Way!

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Tyler and Faye