Guest Post: Lisa Xu

Note: PPR is opening its blog to guest posts from all candidates in the upcoming student government elections, through Friday at close of voting. We encourage candidates to submit an article, of any length, discussing any issue they are concerned with. Please send your submission, along with any photos you would like to appear in the post, to online [dot] ppr [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hey there! I’m Lisa Xu (pronounced “Lease a shoe”), and I’m running for 2014 Executive Vice President and Wharton Representative to the Undergraduate Assembly.

First, a little about myself. I’m a freshman in Wharton, resident of Fisher Hassenfeld, and originally from West Chester, PA. If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to drop me a Facebook message or email me at I love to chat and meet new people! Now for my platform:

There are two key signs of good government: People should know what’s going on, and people should have a say in what will happen. Currently neither of those statements is true. I’m running for Class Board because I think there are major improvements that can and need to be made, including the following:

OPEN COMMUNICATION established through:
*Accessible class website informing you of upcoming events, with an online shop selling Class of 2014 merchandise
*Class Facebook page that allows you to post questions and suggestions
*Weekly email newsletter updating you on current plans
*Polls for you to vote on events that you would like to see happen

-Mr. Quaker “pageant” show
-“I’m On A Boat”: dinner/dance cruise party
-Class outings to concerts, sports games, and Philly sites/venues (tickets and transportation would be free or discounted)
-Class talent show
-Whartonites vs. Whartonettes: Battle of the Sexes
(Most importantly, I am eager to hear YOUR ideas for events and activities. Please know that my priority is representing you and trying to do whatever you ask of me.)
(you can vote for me if you are in Wharton)

A friend once said to me: “Lisa, you embody everything about Wharton, but you do it with flair.” I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not, but I hope to represent all you Whartonites and Whartonettes, and I hope to do that with flair. I plan to bring the following proposals to the UA:

1. CITYSHUTTLE: UA-funded buses to New York and Washington, DC on the weekends (for your business or pleasure).
2. WHARTONLINK: Not to be an elitist, but Wharton should have its own career services website. So many of the jobs posted on PennLink are targeted at Wharton students. This will make it easier for all students to find their respective jobs without having to sort through irrelevant postings.
3. INCREASED FUNDING to Wharton Clubs by establishing relationships between the SAC and Wharton Council, the main undergraduate funding groups of the university and Wharton, respectively.

4. PENNVENTURES and PENNTALKS: Penn should have more university-sponsored activities. PennVentures would be fun and FREE excursions/trips on weekends, including outdoor activities like whitewater rafting, skiing, rock climbing, and hiking, as well as educational trips. PennTalks would invite prominent figures from a variety of disciplines and from across the country/world to speak in front of students (similar to Wharton Leadership Lectures).
For full campaign platform, visit and if you have any questions, please contact me! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope I’ve convinced you to vote for me! Remember: There’s nothing Xu can’t do for you!