Guest Post: Lindsay Tsai

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Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsay Tsai. I am a freshman majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and I hope to be one of your representatives on the Undergraduate Assembly.

The UA here at Penn is a great way to implement tangible change on campus. After being a part of Class Board and spending a year here at Penn, I have found certain changes that I hope to make happen. As a SEAS Representative on the Undergraduate Assembly, my plan is to execute ideas such as improving the XCAT system to make it easier for student to get credit

away. As of right now, there are very few classes that students can take off-campus. However, if more credit away were granted, this would make it easier for students, and in particular engineers, to study abroad. It also would allow engineers to have a little more freedom with their curriculum.

Another change I wish to see is a better network for engineering students to link with the alumni community. I think the establishment of something similar to Wharton’s SPIKE community would be extremely helpful. Alumni connection would be so valuable to all undergraduates. Relationships between alumni and student would provide many opportunities for students to get advice, internships, or to simply know what alumni have done with their degree.

Finally, I would like to establish a website that can serve as a network for students to find out about and get involved with religious groups on campus. This is an idea that also could be expanded to hold links to all club websites and contacts on campus. That way, if someone does not attend the Student Activities Fair or happens to miss a club on Locust, they can easily access the information they missed.

I appreciate you taking your time to read through some of my ideas and platform. For more about me, check out my Facebook group or send me an email at!

Lindsay Tsai