Guest Post: Ernest Owens

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Over the past year I have communicated with you through the web, newspapers, television, and of course, radio. However, what I have done best is serve your interests at Undergraduate Assembly meetings where much of what you guys pride at Penn is discussed. Now, I return not only for you to re-elect me as your UA Representative again, but also as

your Class Board 2014 President. This freshman year was good…but next year can be better and I guarantee that my taste and broad appeal to student interest can help make this possible. My mission is to follow through on promises and make things affordable and satisfying. With the extra money that is added to the Class Boards, something I voted for with the UA, I plan to put each dollar to work for you. No more WASTED spending, no more FAILED follow-throughs. Whatever it Ernestly takes…I’m there for you!